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released November 27, 2013



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MalaMondo Groningen, The Netherlands

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Track Name: Ireland
Let’s start at the beginning when the people were just living
On the land they called their own, til a foreign force disowned
Them of their self-determination, went on for generations
But they fought for liberation yes they fought for liberation
In 1921 the South finally was free, but in the North there’ll always be a territory
Where the fight and hate maintains, alienations remains

Fighting for freedom seems only understandable,
So tell me why these people are being called the radicals
That is why I ask myself the question
Isn’t it more radical to carry out opression?

The Irish were exploited as a class and as a nation
But lay down the arms for reconciliation

One mans terrorist, another man’s free’domfighter
Look at their reasons, broaden your horizon
The IPLO, the INLA, the IRB, the IRA
Track Name: Kid of a psycho
The doctors say it’s not my fault
And there’s a good excuse
Mummy smoked smoked some cigarettes
Daddy drank some booze
Sorry I turned out like this
That I survived the womb
Used to care and feel bad
But there is no use

Who the hell do you think you are? Kid of an alcie, kid of a psycho
What the fuck do you think you are? Kid of an alcie, kid of a psycho
Track Name: Bike wars
I love to ride my bicycle, my bicycle, my bike
I love to ride my bicycle, my bicycle, that’s what I like
Using all the power that I have
Using all the power in my legs
Speeding through, every street
Passing everybody, who I meet
For adrenaline of basic transportation
It doesn’t matter, it’s liberating


Don’t need money, gas or license, because my bike is priceless
Don’t pay for parking or insurance, I only need my endurance

Faster than anyone! Need my bike, fors ome fun

Fuck cars, bike wars
Track Name: Fuck you
Can’t explain the combination of rage, hurt and frustration
How fucking dare you touch me?
And to hear you laughing, as if it were funny

I still regret my lack of action, what i did was just a fraction
Of what i’d like to do to you, those bastards with a twisted view

That moment of perplexity, frozen in the moment literally
Before I react, it’s too late, you just walk one, I was yours to take

Fuck you! How fucking dare you
Fuck you! You filthy piece of scum
Fuck you! You make me feel degraded
Fuck you! I’ve done nothing wrong!
Track Name: Useless illusion
The people start waking up from their paralysis
Berlin is alive again, we’re feeling fucking fabulous
Molotovs and sparks, bombs and fireworks
It feels like revolution, but this is not the solution
All I see are people in their own cafes
Streetbattles in Berlin, I know nothing changes

Fulfills us for a while, doesn’t change a thing
That’s why they allow us, riots in Berlin
Get rid of all the anger, think we did our deed
That’s why they allow us, fighting in the streets
Track Name: Blasting birds
Blasting birds out of the sky
Just for fun
Hunting foxes in the woods
With a proper gun
How sensational, how elite
How bloody bittersweet

No worries about your basic need
Always enough food to feed
Your greedy mouth
Shouting it’s a tradition
Won’t you shut up
And just for once listen
You don’t eat what you kill
It’s for pleasure, for the thrill
You kill for recreation
Trophies and adoration
You think you’re playing a game
The moment you aim
Neglect their existance
Shooting from a distance