by MalaMondo

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Recorded the 24th of april 2017 at Soundlodge Studios by Jörg Uken


released May 19, 2017

Esmo - guitar
Eva - bass
Roisin - vocals
Maynard - drums/vocals



all rights reserved


MalaMondo Groningen, The Netherlands

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Track Name: Sick Man
The sick man of Europe, used to be your nation’s fame.
But when I hear your twisted words, now you deserve that name.

We’ll destroy your palace, get you off your throne.

You speak so passionate about this nation
You speak of unity, but practice segregration!

Erdogan! Erdogan! You’re destroying their land
What more can we expect, imperialism?
What will be the end, neo-ottomanism?
Track Name: Bikewars
I love to ride my bicycle, my bicycle, my bike
I love to ride my bicycle, my bicycle, that’s what I like
Using all the power that I have
Using all the power in my legs
Speeding through, every street
Passing everybody, who I meet
For adrenaline of basic transportation
It doesn’t matter, it’s liberating


Don’t need money, gas or license, because my bike is priceless
Don’t pay for parking or insurance, I only need my endurance

Faster than anyone! Need my bike, for some fun
Fuck cars, bike wars
Track Name: Kamp Zeist
“Kindvriendelijke metershoge hekken”
GGV (gesloten gezinsvoorziening), weg ermee!
Kamp Zeist, geen kind in de cel!
“Minimale detentiebeleving”
Track Name: Unlivable
It’s not about the comfort, not about for free
If that’s what we wanted, there’s other ways you see.
We need a home, can’t you see.
We’ll squat houses, there’s so much vacancy.
Whatever we can use, whatever we need.
We’ll find it in the bin or on the streets.

No water, no gas, no electricity
No matter how unlivable, you can’t stop me

You push us in a corner, with all your rules.
You push us and hope, we can’t move.
But even in a corner we’ll find a way,
to become more creative day by day
Track Name: Attack
There’s a violence that liberates, there’s a violence that dominates
We reject this victimization, through misogynists’ hospitalization

Attack! Bash those phobes back, attack! Bash those phobes back, attack!

From tealights to torches, don’t mourn but attack
Turn your tears into poison, and bash those phobes back

Contempt for the queer, terror for the trans
We’ll end this repression, with our bear hands

Vengeance instead of remembrance
Track Name: Desensitized
Blood and hunger,war and poverty Violence and rape, doesn’t bother me So exposed to horror,seen on the TV All the blood and hunger, desensitized me Seen it in a film, war and poverty Read it in the papers, doesn’t bother me I hear helpless cries, but i’m desensitized Want to feel anger, feel fear, but I can’t even shed a tear Want to feel and care, I want tears in my eyes But violence on the telly made me desensitized.